Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Eidi Properties Is One Of The Key Players In Real Estate Market Today

Ramy Eidi has a long history of success in the commercial real estate revitalization industry. He has been active in the industry for many years now, working to grow his business in the region. He is respected throughout the industry because of his success in the area. Ramy Eidi is commended for his ability to find the proverbial “diamond in the rough” in local real estate markets. This is obviously a skill that he has made the most of. Ramy Eidi has consistently been able to find properties that have hidden values which others have overlooked time and time again. The average real estate professional does not see the value in these properties, but Ramy Eidi is able to determine how much the value would increase with revitalization. The long-term goal here to turn a significant profit after making the necessary investments to update the property.

Over the last ten years, Ramy Eidi's name has become a respected one in the industry. He is known as a real estate market expert in Northwest Ohio, Southwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan. These areas represent a number of different and unique real estate markets, but Ramy Eidi's knowledge of the area covers varying markets. Ramy Eidi has demonstrated that he has the ability to adapt to new markets, no matter how unique or different.

For the last fifteen years, Ramy Eidi has been involved in the process of building Eidi Properties into one of the most widely respected and largest privately owned real estate investment firms in Ohio. Eidi Properties has expanded a number of times over the past couple of years. This includes expanding from one property to a number of commercial property holdings. For example, their current portfolio consists of more than one million square feet of retail property.

Eidi Properties claims more than one-hundred years of combined senior management experience on staff. This informs their decisions and indicates that they understand exactly how to successfully operate and service shopping centers and other commercial properties. Eidi Properties has grown into a major player in the real estate market in Ohio and Michigan.